We do not make returns after delivery of the code.
Where do I get?
The code will be sent by email after order confirmation.
Whatsapp: +55 (41) 9955-39237

Opening hours:
24hr a day - 7 days a week.
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You are shopping with TECHGIFT
After making the purchase, just wait for the code to be sent by email.
Payments by PIX must be sent proof by Whatsapp (49) 9983-6998

Please note that under no circumstances will we be able to exchange or cancel this product as it is a digital shipment.

Where do I get?
The sending of your code is DIGITAL, it will be done exclusively by Email or Whatsapp in case of payments by PIX

Usually shipping is immediate after payment confirmation.
However, your purchase is subject to data analysis and, if necessary, we will call the cardholder or register by cell phone or email.

Automatic shipping:
The criterion to receive automatically is that you have a good reputation on the platform, use your own card and have updated data.
However, there may be exceptions due to internal analysis.

We guarantee that you will receive a valid code, if you have any problems using it, we will give you all the necessary support via message from the platform.