1.1. The following words and expressions, when capitalized in this contract, shall have the following meanings:

1.1.1. Account: this is the account that will be generated and managed on the Tech Gift Page, in accordance with the provisions of Clause 3 below.

1.1.2. Content: comprises all games, software, communications, marketing, images, sounds and all material published on the website.

1.1.3. Games: means all games licensed by third parties to Tech Gift that allow their users to purchase and pay for goods or services through Tech Gift's Payment Management Service.

1.1.4. Payment: payment is understood to be the purchase of credit or Games or items related to the Games, in the following ways: (i) bank slip, for deposit in a current bank account held by Tech Gift; (ii) a valid credit card, issued by a brand accepted by Tech Gift, owned by the CONTRACTING PARTY; (iii) by Deposit, DOC or Transfers made in accordance with the instructions available on the Tech Gift website, which may be changed at Tech Gift's sole discretion; and (iv) by another means of payment accepted and made available by Tech Gift, including, but not limited to, MERCADO PAGO, PAGSEGURO, among others, the User being able to make the payment using different credit card options, as well as funds of the account; (v) by redeeming credits, using Pin Codes, used according to the specifications stipulated by the corresponding payment method. Accepted payment methods may be limited as set out in this Agreement.

1.1.5. Partner: legal entity or individual that holds the title and/or rights to publish and/or exploit Games;

1.1.6. Pin Code: means a unique and personal identification number, which will be pre-activated and can be used to redeem credit for the purchase of goods or services in Games directly from Tech Gift or through the Partner, and can also be used in any other payment method accepted by Tech Gift. Each Pin Code will be unique and used according to its specific rules.

1.1.7. Privacy Policy: this is the privacy policy referred to at the beginning of these Terms of Use.

1.1.8. Service Record: file in which Tech Gift records a User's credits for its services and transfers. The Service Registration may also be referred to by the name "Account" in the user registration forms that Tech Gift makes available on the Internet.

1.1.9. Service: will have the meaning given in Clause 2.1. below.

1.1.10. User: User of the Tech Gift Services who has registered with Tech Gift by completing and sending to Tech Gift the registration form at [https://www.TechGift.com.br/l]


2.1. Tech Gift, by itself or through a company contracted by it or associated with it in any way, for which it is responsible, will make available to the CONTRACTING PARTY, through digital means of transmission of information, its intermediation service of means of payments, enabling the purchase and use, by the CONTRACTING PARTY, of products and services made available on the website and/or in the Games or the Games themselves, which can be accessed by the User directly or by redirection from the Tech Gift internet page (website). ("Service").


3.1. The CONTRACTING PARTY will indicate a name ("Login"), which may be his own name or the name of his creation, a private password of a confidential nature and a personal e-mail, which will act as his identification and access key for the use of the Account. within Tech Gift.

3.1.1. Private passwords will be the full and exclusive responsibility of the CONTRACTING PARTY, which is why they may be changed at any time by the CONTRACTING PARTY.

3.2. Logins that make any reference, in whole or in part, to Tech Gift, and/or to the name of their products, without prejudice to the above, will not be accepted, and may be canceled at any time and regardless of prior notice, even that the chosen Login also represents the initials or any combination of the CONTRACTING PARTY's name.

3.3. The CONTRACTING PARTY is responsible for properly choosing the Login, as defined in clause 3.1 above, aware that a name that disrespects the legislation in force, that induces third parties to error, that violates third party rights, that represents predefined concepts in the World Wide Web computers ("Internet"), which consists of profanity or abusive words, which symbolize acronyms of States, Ministries, among other prohibitions, being certain that the CONTRACTING PARTY will be liable for the misuse, if applicable, both in the civil and criminal.

3.4. The Login and the private password are non-transferable, and cannot be the object of any type of commercialization or assignment of use, assuming the CO